Pilot installation

PGI Polska Grupa Inżynieryjna offers a pilot facility allowing to test membrane processes with the use of spiral membranes.

Research capability of the pilot facility:

Separation by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis methods with the use of spiral membranes.

Facility efficiency: 100 – 1000 L/h, operating pressure up to 40 bar.

We offer the possibility of a complex run of pilot tests by PGI technical staff or a training aimed at your customer service staff.

Below we present a few production processes that can be tested on the pilot facility:

  • milk and whey concentration by RO/NF method,
  • milk concentration by UF method – protein standardization and MPC production,
  • milk protein fractioning by MF method,
  • whey concentration by MF/UF method – WPC and WPI production,
  • treatment of permeates and evaporative condensates,
  • treatment of brines by MF and UF method.


Pilot facility

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