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Pasteurized milkSeparated Greek yogurtCottage-cheeseFruit and vegetable juices
ESL milkFiltrated Greek yogurtHard cheese Fruit and vegetable concentrates
UHT milkKefirRO, NF sweet and acid whey powderFruit and vegetable purees
Condensed milkFermented drinksWhole and skim condensed milk NFC juices
Casein milkProtein drinksWhole and skim milk powder
UHT creamClean brineSour and sweet whey powder
Sour creamGouda and Edam cheeseWPC35-85 (Whey Protein Concentrate)
Recovered products - milk, creamMozzarella, pizza cheeseWPI (Whey Protein Isolate)
YogurtRicotta, mascarponePermeate powder
Yogurt drinksDouble cream cheeseLactose powder
Flavored yogurtUF fresh cheeseFunctional powdered formulas
Milk dessertsTraditional tvarog cheese Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables concentrates