Engineering and installation of complete processing lines and equipment for food industry, particularly in the dairy, fruit & vegetable sectors.
Reception and export lines for milk & creame Concentrate and NFC juice storage tanks Evoguard process components, HST homogenizers, UHT plants in cooperation with Krones AG
Raw milk storage tanks Filtration unitsCheese production lines, type Holland, Swiss and Italian (grana padano, parmezan) in cooperation with BERTSCH Foodtec GmbH
Reception and storage plants for cristal sugarIn-line mixing plants Membrane filtration plants (RO, NF, UF, MF) in cooperation with SD Filtration
Reception and storage tanks for animal and vegetable oilsLiquid sugar resolving plantsCheddar cheese production lines in cooperation with RELCO Europe B.V.
Reception and storage tank for liquid glucose Mixing plants for oil, glucose and powder ingredients Evaporators, spray dryer for milk, whey, permeat, WPC, WPI and MPC in cooperation with RELCO Europe B.V.
Melting and dosing units for emulsifier and antioxidantsWhey heat recoveryMozzarella, mascarpone and ricotta production lines in cooperation with DIMA s.r.l
Raw milk treatment roomButter plants Tvarog cheese production lines
Fermentation plants Baby food plants Cottage cheese production lines
Fruit juice and soft drinks mixing plants Mixing plants for animal formulas