Reverse osmosis plant for sale

Please see below short technical specification of RO plant for sale.


Producent: GEA

Type: Full automatic reverse osmosis plant

Applications: concentration of sweet & lactic acid whey, RO/NF permeate purification

Feed capacity/concentration level:

– sweet whey: 15,000L/h, 18% T.S.

– lactic acid whey: 12,000 L/h, 18% T.S.

– RO/NF permeate purification: 20,000/25,000 L/h, 85/90% water recovery

Process: cold


Technical specification:

Double balance tank with permeate pump

Grundfos, feed, high pressure and permeate pump, Alfa Laval/Fristam re-circulation pumps

3 stage plant with 3,8” Filtration elements

1 stage: 10 housings/40 filtration elements

2 stage: 9 housings/36 filtration elements

3 stage: 5 housing/20 filtration elements

CO2 dosing system for sweet whey

NaOH dosing system for ROP permeate

Control system:  Siemens PLC and TP-12”


Price after full renovation and with new set of filtration elements: 128,000 EUR FCA PGI warehouse (PL).

Commissioning: 5,000 EUR plus costs of: trip and accommodation for commissioning engineer.


Price of new similar plant approximately: 270,000-300,000 EUR.